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Sagittarius Emoji Pet

Sagittarius Emoji Pet

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Ever felt like your fur-baby is the true embodiment of their zodiac sign? Well, you're not alone! Dress them up in our iconic zodiac emoji tank, showcasing the unique emblem of each astrological sign. Whether a fierce Leo lion or a mysterious Scorpio scorpion, this tank captures the essence of the stars, tailored for the cutest beings on earth.

Cosmic Deets:

Sizing Spectrum: From XS (for the petite stars) to 3XL (for the big constellations). Tip: For a celestial fit, consider sizing up.
Material: Lightweight at 5 oz., designed for heavenly comfort.
Laundry Lore: Keep the zodiac shimmer alive! Machine wash cold and tumble dry low.
Unleash the cosmic charisma of your pet, one zodiac emoji at a time!
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